Make a kite

Kites against the blue sky at the 2014 Dunstable Kite Festival, on the Dunstable Downs, Bedfordshire

‘I took my kite to Lyme Park – the best place is up by the Cage as you can get some wind and the ground is flat so you run along it pulling the kite behind you.’ - Mia McDade, aged 8

Make your own kite and see it soar across the skies. You don’t need many sticks for this, but you will need a few other things. Find out how to make a simple kite with our free guide (PDF / 0.9MB) download
Top tip: just add paint for a beautifully decorated flying machine.


Take your kite for a spin in these windy spots:
Dunstable Downs, Bedfordshire
Cage Hill, Lyme, Cheshire
White Horse Hill, Oxfordshire
Bembridge and Culver Downs, Isle of Wight
Portstewart Strand, County Londonderry
Minchinhampton and Rodborough Common, Gloucestershire
Powis Castle, Powys
A family flying a kite at Wembury, Devon.

No.7 fly a kite 

When there's a bit of wind in the air it's the perfect time to tick off No.7 from the 50 things challenges. So, if you haven't flown a kite before, what are you waiting for?