Pembrokeshire Heathland Beef

Welsh Black cattle grazing in Pembrokeshire heathlan

This new farming initiative in North Pembrokeshire means you may encounter cattle grazing in areas of heathland and be able to savour the premium succulent beef they produce.

The range has been traditionally produced by a partnership of farmers and the National Trust. The beef comes from cattle that have grazed on heathland in the St David’s and Fishguard area.

In return for producing a local food that has the health and taste benefits that come from the cattle having a natural, grass-based diet, the heathlands and their scarce wildlife are kept in good shape by the grazing animals.

Traditional farming

Most of Pembrokeshire’s inland heathland is on the wettest ground, producing lush grassland where flowering plants thrive amongst the heathers. Without regular grazing, this habitat becomes overgrown and the heathers and flowers disappear.

Some of the farmers working with the National Trust are continuing a tradition that has maintained the heathland for centuries.

Since the 1990s we've been working with local farmers to return this grazing activity to the heaths, with considerable success. The Cig Tir Comin – Pembrokeshire Heathland Beef brand was developed in 2010 with the support of the Welsh Government’s Agrisgôp programme.

A sign of quality

The beef has been produced in accordance with strict farming and animal welfare standards and the heathland management is independently assessed by Natural Resources Wales.

Cig Tir Comin – Pembrokeshire Heathland Beef has a superior full flavour and is very tender. This flavour comes from the excellent grazing conditions, but also the care taken during production.

The succulent dark meat is hung for two to three weeks to mature. This method of dry ageing ensures the meat really develops its flavour and tenderness.

" As a chef who specialises in using seasonal, local produce with a low impact on the environment, I believe that Cig Tir Comin – Pembrokeshire Heathland Beef is second to none in taste and quality."
- Andrew Holcroft, St David’s

Where to buy

You'll find Cig Tir Comin – Pembrokeshire Heathland Beef on sale at Gwaun Valley Meats, Letterston, Pembrokeshire. The family-run business has an online shop and also delivers to catering outlets throughout Pembrokeshire.

Look out for Cig Tir Comin – Pembrokeshire Heathland Beef on the menu at the Boathouse Tea-room at Stackpole Quay.