Storm watching on the Lizard

A storm wave hits the breakwater at Mullion Harbour

The geographical position of the Lizard Peninsula means that it meets the full force of the Atlantic storms each Autumn and Winter, this also means it can be one of the best places to watch the storms from. We’ve put together a list of places and guidelines to help you safely make the most of watching Mother Nature do her thing.

We don’t always like rules but there is one we can’t ignore. Never get too close, wherever you enjoy the view from please don’t take unnecessary risks and put yourself in any danger

Mullion Harbour: The Atlantic swell sends waves over the top of the harbour walls which can be spectacular to see from a safe distance. When the swells are high it’s nice to follow up a visit with afternoon tea at the Mullion Cove Hotel on top of the cliff. The views out to sea are far reaching and you can watch the waves and clouds come in from the warmth of the hotel bar. 

Waves break over Mullion Harbour
A storm wave hits the breakwater at Mullion Harbour

Poldhu Cove: Another location to watch the waves from is Poldhu at low tide, the café is nearly always open all year round and offers a great big window with views down the beach. You never know what you might find after a storm at Poldhu, in January 2016 one storm washed up thousands of bright pink bottles of washing detergent highlighting one of the many issues we face with marine pollution at our beaches.

Justin Whitehouse at Poldhu during the Pink Bottle tide
Lead Ranger Justin Whitehouse at Poldhu

Lizard Point: The Point offers a good location to watch storm clouds approaching and waves breaking on the reef just offshore, just park your car up at the National Trust car park by the lighthouse for the best vantage point, bring a thermos and enjoy the view. 

Winter storm clouds approach Lizard Point
Winter light and stormy seas at Lizard Point

Porthleven: The beach at Porthleven is part of Penrose and each winter regularly takes the full brunt of the big Atlantic waves. It is never safe to venture onto the beach at this time but there are some good safe vantage points around the village to watch from.