The kitchen garden, Llanerchaeron, Ceredigion

The herb garden at Llanerchaeron

Llanerchaeron is a rare example of a self-sufficient 18th-century Welsh estate which has survived virtually unaltered.

The organic, two acre walled kitchen garden has been continually worked for 200 years and is so fertile that apple trees around 170 years old are still standing strong.
Everything in the kitchen garden is slow grown and seasonal, meaning the produce is plump, juicy and extra tasty.
The colourful herb garden is not to be missed – herbs for culinary, medicinal and household use are grown here, just as it would have been in the old days.
In an experimental corner of the garden, you will find vegetables growing that normally only grow in hotter climes – from cape gooseberries to red peppers. When wandering around the garden, take a moment to look carefully and you might spot the delicious golden raspberries or an unusual stripy bean.