Top spring 50 things to do in the North East

Three children in a tree

Pull on your wellies and let's go on an adventure.

Have you tried any '50 Things to do before you're 11¾' activities?  Some of the exciting things to tey include (#27.) star gazing and (#34.) tracking wild animals to (#47.) cooking on a camp fire and (#30.) holding a scary beast. There are so many fun ones to do - like (#13.) making a mud pie -  and here's a few more that you can do right here in the North East...

#1. Climb a tree

Big and tall, Wallington's Nootka tree is perfect for ticking off number 1 on the '50 things to do before you are 11¾' list. There's lots of branches and they're close together, plus the really smooth bark makes climbing it easy peasy.

The closer the branches, the easier you'll find climbing the tree
Children climbing trees in the grounds at Wallington, Northumberland
The closer the branches, the easier you'll find climbing the tree

Climb a tree at Wallington

#4. Build a den

Many of the wonderful woodlands that we care for offer the perfect place to build a den. Imagine, your very own den... Opt for Allen Banks woodland or maybe West Woods at Gibside? The choice is yours... 

Build a woodland den
Children den building
Build a woodland den

Build a den at Gibside

#5. Skim a stone

There's a knack to this one, but with a little practice you'll soon have those stones bouncing across the water. Apparently it's not just the technique but the type of stone you use - will you find the right one?

How many bounces can you do?
Two boys skimming stones
How many bounces can you do?

Skim a stone at Durham Coast

#6. Run around in the rain

What better way to embrace the unpredictable British weather than enjoying it? Perhaps when it's next raining don't run for cover indoors - run around in it, splash in the puddles and laugh with your friends while doing it. Tick!

Run around in the rain
Boy splashing in puddles wearing wellies
Run around in the rain

Visit the north east

#23. Visit a farm

Head to Wallington for a true lambing experience at the nearby Broomhouse Farm, which offers the chance to become a real-life farmer. You might just be able to see a lamb being born, feed the lambs and spend a little time with them.

Spot lambs in the springtime
Sheep and lambs at a National Trust site.
Spot lambs in the springtime

Visit a farm at Wallington

#24. Go on a walk barefoot

There's plenty of wonderful walks on offer at Cragside, with some places suitable for a walk barefoot. Take off your shoes (or wellies) and make your way across smooth rocks, on lush grass or over spongy peat.

Go barefoot
Children sitting in a field with bare feet
Go barefoot

Go on a walk barefoot at Cragside

#31. Hunt for bugs

Lift rocks, search under leaves and explore inside a tree (#22.) at Penshaw Monument to hunt for bugs. Use a magnifying glass to examine them and find out what they are. There are plenty of other places with lots of nooks and crannies to search in too...

Make friends with a bug
Children looking at creatures captured in pots
Make friends with a bug

Hunt for bugs at Cherryburn

#37. Check out the crazy creatures in a rock pool

Head to the Northumberland Coast and see what crazy creatures there are in the rock pools! Search for little and big ones, ones with legs and ones without. The best places in particular are Lindisfarne Castle, the Farne Islands and Souter Lighthouse and The Leas.

Check out the crazy creatures in a rock pool
View from tent across to field and  mountains
Check out the crazy creatures in a rock pool

Check out the crazy creatures at The Leas

#44. Go bird watching

It's breeding season in March and April at the Farnes, so you can expect puffins, arctic terns, shags, guillemots and razorbills. There's the rare Little Terns at the Northumberland Coast, and a wildflower nut orchard at Washington Old Hall...

Oak leaves
Placeholder Image
Oak leaves

Go bird watching at Washington Old Hall

#49. Find a geocache

If you haven't tried this outdoor digital treasure hunt, then now could be the time. Head to Hadrian's Wall and Housesteads Roman Fort on a search for a hidden geocache. It's a great day out and there's plenty more places to find them...