Trust New Art: contemporary arts inspired by our places

Trust New Art explores the spirit of our places through creative programming.

Trust New Art is the National Trust's programme connecting people to our places through contemporary arts. We have been working in partnership with Arts Council England since 2009, and from 2015 we have also been working with the Arts Council of Wales.

Explore our programme of exhibitions, events and special projects including visual arts and crafts, temporary architecture, performance-based practice, and writing inspired by our places.

Submitting an arts project proposal

We welcome exhibition proposals from artists, curators, organisations and members of the public, although our programme is always booked well in advance. Unsolicited proposals will be reviewed by the Trust New Art team and other colleagues as appropriate. Due to the very high volume of such proposals received we can only respond to ones relevant to our programme. We only follow up proposals in very exceptional circumstances. We are not able to return unsolicited material.

The programme is usually planned up to several years in advance and individual properties make their own programming decisions. The Trust New Art programme can be initiated by our own teams, or through collaborations with other museums, galleries, universities, professional organisations and direct invitations to artists and curators. We do not provide information on spaces available to hire for exhibitions.

Please send proposals by email:

Artist Serena Korda installs her ceramic mushroom artwork

Trust New Art exhibitions and events 

See what exhibitions and contemporary art projects are on at our places in the current Trust New Art programme of events.

The choir recording 'Shards' at Sandham Memorial Chapel, Hampshire

Musical inspiration from our special places 

Immerse yourself in a musical journey of our special places with a new album, recorded at National Trust properties, created in partnership with the Trust New Art Team.