Trust New Art exhibitions and events


We invite you to experience our special places from a different perspective. Many of our places were built with art at their heart. To continue this important creative legacy, we created our Trust New Art programme in 2009. Since then we’ve worked with over 200 artists to create new work inspired by places in our care.

The installations you visit might take you to unexplored areas, reveal hidden stories or help you see our special places in different ways. Our arts programme includes visual arts, crafts, architecture, performance, and writing – all inspired by the spirit of our special places.

We work with Arts Council England and the Arts Council of Wales to make these projects possible. Explore what’s happening near you...

East of England
Alec Stevens installing his work for The Makers at Felbrigg Hall

The Makers: Three commissions at Felbrigg Hall, Norfolk 

‘The Makers’ continues a long tradition of commissioning artists and craftspeople at Felbrigg Hall. Florence Kennard, Alida Sayer and Alec Stevens were given behind the scenes access during their time at Felbrigg. Their film, sculpture and woodcarvings reveal hidden stories and aspects of life at the Hall not normally seen by visitors.

Garden installation at Berrington Hall

Look! Look! Look!: Heather and Ivan Morrison at Berrington Hall, Herefordshire 

Step into Heather and Ivan Morrison’s contemporary pavilion. This major new work takes inspiration from the Georgian tradition of temporary structures used for shelter, entertaining, dining, reading or illicit meetings. The pavilion marks the start of the restoration of Berrington’s Walled Garden, taking it back to its Georgian heyday.

War and Pieces by Bouke de Vries

War and Pieces: Bouke de Vries at Berrington Hall, Herefordshire 

See the dining room at Berrington transformed by Bouke de Vries’ award-winning sculpture. The piece takes inspiration from elaborate seventeenth century sugar sculptures and banquets given on the eve of battle. For this special presentation, de Vries has woven Berrington’s naval story into the sculpture.

Installation called 'Chair Play' by artist Will Datson

Chair Play: Will Datson at Croome, Worcestershire 

Will Datson’s towering Chair Play is one of several artist installations you’ll discover at Croome. His eye-catching chair structure is designed to showcase part of Croome’s recently returned collection.

Visitors walking through 'The Golden Box'

The Golden Box: Bouke de Vries at Croome, Worcestershire  

Step into Bouke de Vries’ The Golden Box, which was commissioned to present some of Croome’s recently returned ceramics collection. The cube is encrusted with exquisite pieces of Meissen, Worcester and Sèvres porcelain.Reflect on and experience Croome’s stunning collection from a unique perspective.

Croome Plumlines exhibition table

Plumlines: group poetry exhibition at Croome, Worcestershire 

Immerse yourself in the stories of the First World War. Poets Brenda Read-Brown and Heather Wastie worked with local schools, volunteers, writers and history groups to research female relatives from the First World War. 188 people wrote a 100 word poem to bring their relative’s story to life, each of which Su Blackwell has transformed into a paper sapling.

'Performance' Tom Marshman

World is Chaos, Creativity is Order: four artist commissions at Hanbury Hall, Worcestershire  

Explore the parallels between the turbulent 18th century and today. Agnes Jones, Lyndall Phelps, Tom Marshman and Matt Smith’s new works respond to the climate of political turmoil in which Hanbury Hall was created 300 years ago. In doing so, they highlight issues and ideas of today.

Performing the play, The Camp

Heartland: Mary Keith, Tony Plant and Stan’s Café in the Shropshire Hills  

Immerse yourself in the history, stories and the future of this beautiful rugged upland area. Take part in choral workshops with Mary Keith, and discover Tony Plant’s interventions in the landscape. From 21 to 23 July join Stan’s Café for ‘The Camp’, a new performance set in the distant future.

South East
The Jurors artwork by Hew Locke, at Runnymede in Surrey

The Jurors: Hew Locke at Runnymede, Surrey 

Take a seat in this ancient landscape where the Magna Carta was signed over 800 years ago. Beautifully created with imagery, Hew Locke’s 12 bronze jurors’ chairs invite you to reflect on the histories and issues shown, and to debate the meaning of justice.

Standen Bothy by Will Shannon Mezzanine and Stained Glass window

Bothy: Will Shannon at Standen, West Sussex 

Tucked away on Standen’s sandstone rocks, Will Shannon’s Bothy is a space to shelter, reflect and create. Inspired by the pioneering principles of Standen’s Arts and Crafts heritage, Shannon has learnt new skills to create each component of the folly-like structure.

South West

The Art of Reflection: Andrew Logan at Buckland Abbey, Devon 

Explore the spirituality, tranquillity and ephemeral flamboyance of Buckland Abbey reflected in the sumptuous mirrored art of Andrew Logan. This major exhibition spans five decades of the artist’s work, from the sixties to the present day.

Clocks from The Harrison's Garden installation

Harrison’s Garden: Luke Jerram at Castle Drogo, Devon 

Following on from Nostell Priory, Castle Drogo hosts Luke Jerram’s touring work Harrison’s Garden. Castle Drogo is seeking donations of 500 clocks to add to the work, creating a ticking installation of 2,500 timepieces. Harrison’s Garden will then go on to tour to Gunby, Lincolnshire and Penrhyn Castle, Bangor.

Thresholds, Mat Collishaw 2017

THRESHOLDS: Mat Collishaw at Lacock, Wiltshire 

Visit THRESHOLDS at Lacock and encounter an exhibition created using cutting-edge virtual reality artwork that will allow you to step back in time to one of the earliest exhibitions of photography in 1839. Created by acclaimed artist Mat Collishaw, you'll also be able to experience a recreation of the Chartist protesters who rioted in 1839 on the streets of Birmingham.

A lady sniffing a postcard while sitting on a bench

The Dreamer is Still Asleep at Little Moreton Hall, Cheshire 

Discover a sound and aromatic installation that explores the transcendent state between sleeping and waking, with sounds that would once have filled the hall. Visitors can expect a sonic experience of blurry dreamfulness, where voices, music, footsteps and glasses clinking together merge with a musical ambiance to create an atmospheric and cinematic experience.

Côr y Penrhyn perform at the sculpture launch

Slate or State?: Walker and Bromwich at Penrhyn Castle, Gwynedd 

Penrhyn Castle’s three year programme of artists in residence culminates in a spectacular exhibition by Walker & Bromwich. Slate or State? pays tribute to the Great Penrhyn Strike, giving it a determined presence within the castle and highlighting the significance of the longest industrial dispute in labour history.

Artist in residence Simona Piantieri at Smallhythe Place, Kent

LGBTQ artist residencies 

This year we’re marking 50 years since the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality with a programme called Prejudice and Pride. We’ve worked with two national artists in residence, Simona Piantieri and Michele D’Acosta, who were given behind-the-scenes access to research the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer) heritage of our places. They’ve created three films exploring our LGBTQ history which you’ll be able to view in selected places.