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The Jurors artwork by Hew Locke, at Runnymede in Surrey

Many of our places were built with art at their heart. Since 2009, Trust New Art has been continuing this important creative legacy by connecting people to our places through contemporary arts.

For over 10 years, our arts programme includes visual arts, crafts, architecture, performance, writing and immersive installations. So far, we’ve worked with more than 300 artists to create new work inspired by the spirit of our places. The contemporary art will take you to unexplored areas, reveal hidden stories and help you see our places in different ways.

This programme is supported by partnerships with Arts Council England and Arts Council of Wales. We regularly collaborate with arts organisations to commission and present work of the highest quality. Find out how to get involved here as we begin to plan our future programme.

Discover what’s happening at a place near you… 

Jen Southern stood outside of Quarry Bank in Cheshire

Gathering Downstream at Quarry Bank, Cheshire 

Taking place at Quarry Bank in Cheshire this year, Gathering Downstream is a new exhibition exploring the legacy of the industrial revolution. Created by artist Jen Southern, the exhibition ties into a series of activities called Unintended Consequences, encouraging us to consider how we can create a more sustainable future.

A child wearing a striking abstract Crow costume poses in front of a mountain

Desire lines: Rebecca Beinart at Crow Park, Keswick 

This project explores the connections humans have with the natural world. Rebecca is collaborating with local people to get to know Crow Park from lots of different perspectives to create a film telling stories of the local landscape. It'll be asking how a special connection with a local green space can influence the way we think about global issues of climate change, ecology and access.

Artist duo INSTAR, commissioned to undertake River Walk project at Wallington

In nature nothing exists alone at Wallington, Northumberland 

INSTAR's newest installation, to be installed next to Trout Bridge on the River Walk, will be a contemporary piece depicting wolves running through the trees which are cast in steel and coloured in yellow. INSTAR is a duo of artists, Trish Evans and Nick Humphreys, who create work with deeper connections to the natural world through contemporary art. In the meantime, you can take a look at some of INSTAR's previous work.

Northern Ireland
Artificial Sunshine 2021

The Artificial Sunshine at The Argory, County Armagh 

This striking neon light art installation at The Argory, designed by Northern Irish artist Kevin Killen, places a bespoke contemporary display in the heart of this historic house. Inspired by the glow of the acetylene gas flame that lit The Argory, delivers an entirely modern take on this celebrated form of lighting. Visit The Argory to learn more about this installation piece.

South East
Anthony Denney. Image: Gordon Bishop

The Denney Edition: Celebrating an icon of 20th-century style at Rainham Hall, London 

Uncover the pages of Anthony Denney's glamourous life and character through an inventive exhibition programme. Inspired by the Vogue photographer and former tenant of Rainham Hall, The Decorators have reinterpreted the place as if it were a magazine; translating the areas of fashion, jewellery, arts, interiors, food, gardening, and travel onto its spaces.

Mark Wallinger's The Writ in Water installation at Runnymede, Surrey

Writ in Water, Mark Wallinger in collaboration with Studio Octopi at Runnymede, Surrey 

Reflect and re-imagine at Runnymede through a new public artwork - Writ in Water. At a site where over 800 years ago the feudal barons forced King John to seal the Magna Carta, Turner Prize-winning artist Mark Wallinger, in collaboration with architectural practice Studio Octopi, has created a tranquil space offering you the chance to consider the ongoing significance and influences of Magna Carta. Commissioned in association with Situations.

The Jurors artwork by Hew Locke, at Runnymede in Surrey

The Jurors: Hew Locke at Runnymede, Surrey 

Take a seat in this ancient landscape where the Magna Carta was signed over 800 years ago. Beautifully created with imagery, Hew Locke’s 12 bronze jurors’ chairs invite you to reflect on the histories and issues on display, and to debate the meaning of justice.

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Celebrating over 10 years of Trust New Art

In 2019 we celebrated the first decade of Trust New Art. It was marked by a bold experimentation which challenged assumptions and gave alternative perspectives. More than 150 of our sites were involved and we worked with many renowned creatives, including Lubaina Himid, sculptor Antony Gormley, pop artist Sir Peter Blake and writer Robert Macfarlane.

The artworks uncovered forgotten stories, stimulated debates and helped to connect people with places.

Get involved with Trust New Art

There are many ways to get closer to Trust New Art, whether through volunteering at property, visiting a project, or perhaps you are interested in developing a partnership or working with us as a Trust New Art artist. 

The Trust New Art programme is planned up to three or four years in advance, although it was put on hold during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Projects can be initiated by our own teams, or through collaborations with other museums, galleries, universities, professional organisations and direct invitations to artists and curators.

We tend to work in an active commissioning way, rather than responding to proposals, unless they are of exceptional quality and closely align with our aims and objectives for that particular place. So on the whole, we do not encourage artists to submit proposals for review. Due to the large volume of proposals received, we can only follow up in exceptional circumstances and we are not able to return unsolicited material.

The majority of our commissions are selected through an open-call process, and we advertise these through our website, Twitter and Facebook feeds, and through Arts Jobs, Arts Council England’s opportunities board. If you are an artist and would like to hear about opportunities, please join our artist mailing list.

To get in touch email