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In gardens, on hills, in valleys, throughout mansions, halls and castles, national and international artists give us new ways of seeing and experiencing National Trust places.

Working with staff, and volunteers and specialists, artists have been exploring and researching locations and histories to create new work inspired by the places in our care.

Long Gallery fireplace

Adam Speaks at Croome 

Croome is exploring the life and work of the young designer of its mansion, Robert Adam by working with Chris Alton, a multi-disciplinary artist. For Adams Speaks Chris will work with groups of local researchers and collaborators – teenagers, school children and drama students with the support of acclaimed artist Hew Locke.

Curious Formations at Biddulph Grange

Jo Lathwood at Biddulph Grange 

Artist Jo Lathwood, supported by Bristol University, is looking at geology afresh - experimenting with ways of melting rocks back into a liquid lava and reforming them into sculpture.

LOOK!LOOK!LOOK! in the walled garden at Berrington Hall in Herefordshire

Look! Look! Look! at Berrington with Heather and Ivan Morison 

An eighteenth century inspired eye catcher has appeared in the walled garden at Berrington.

View of Packwood House, Warwickshire from the Prospect Room

Come and discover the Prospect Room 

Walk out into the landscape this autumn and explore a space to remind us of the haven that Graham Baron Ash sought to create.

Heartland logo

Heartland. New art in the Shropshire Hills 

In 2017 three artists will open your eyes to new ways of seeing and understanding our fragile Shropshire Hills landscape.

Tom Marshman, performance artist

World is Chaos & Creativity is Order at Hanbury 

Where ‘World is Chaos & Creativity is Order’, blacksmith Agnes Jones forges a missing garden pavilion where there’s more than meets the eye, Matt Smith explores the Baroque through a cascade of ceramic figures, and the jewel like garden is re-imagined by Lyndall Phelps as a precious item to behold in the house.

War and Pieces by Bouke de Vries

Also presenting... 

In addition to the Trust New Art programme, we are also presenting a number of other new art projects at places throughout the Midlands.


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