The Garden at Felbrigg Hall

The dovecot and pond in the garden at Felbrigg

Our Walled Garden is widely renowned as one of East Anglia's finest.

The Walled Garden

Get up close to the double borders and herb beds and really breathe in the scent of lavender, sage and mint. You can find a good many modern surprises within this traditionally laid out garden.

The Orangery

Built by Ashe Windham in 1704
The orangery at Felbrigg Hall
Built by Ashe Windham in 1704

The Orangery was built in 1704 and was designed to harmonise with the west wing of the house.

In the 19th-century the building was given a glass roof which, by 1958, had fallen in and was replaced by the one you see today.The Orangery now houses a collection of camelias, some of considerable size and age.

Old variety plants

We have some lovely old figs trained against the south facing wall of the herb border in the walled garden, thought to have been relocated to its present position around 1750. A quote in the “Eastern Arboretum,” from James Grigor, published in 1847, mentions that the figs were about 100yrs old at the time, making the figs the only original remaining plants from the garden of that period.

Unusual plants

Planted around 1860 is our extra special Umbellularia Californica, also known as the “Headache Tree” or “Balm of Heaven,” a very rare species in the UK.

One of our gardeners enjoys the scent released by mowing through the leaves. However, following a debate amongst our gardeners, as to whether the "headache" side-effect was a myth, another gardener broke off a handful of leaves, crushed them and inhaled deeply – it ruined his day! Delightful or dreadful, come and make your own decision…

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Headache or Heaven?
Umbellularia Californica or Balm of heaven tree
Headache or Heaven?

Rose Garden Renovation

The Rose garden was created in 1971 in memory of the last squire by his friends and Felbrigg villagers.  The original design was simple and effective with four box edged beds cut into the lawn containing various species and cultivars of roses.

Felbrigg's Rose Garden
Felbrigg rose garden
Felbrigg's Rose Garden