Winter at Felbrigg

Felbrigg Sunset in Winter

Winter might not be the typical season you think to visit Felbrigg, but with each season brings something new to the estate.

Seasonal highlights

Frost on a leaf on the Felbrigg Estate

Early morning frost

The estate in winter after a cold night can be stunning, with frost on the ground and in the trees.

A child jumping into a puddle

Welly walks

Nothing beats a winter walk to blow those cobwebs away. No matter the weather, grab a pair of wellies and discover the estate.

Snowdrops at Felbrigg

Snowdrop season

As the new year draws in, snowdrops begin to appear around the estate. The first few months of the year can be gloomy, but seeing a swathe of snowdrops is one way to brighten the winter months.