April adventures at Fountains Abbey

Make the most of longer days with a spring walk in the warmer air. Hear birds singing away to find a mate high in the trees and see them splashing away on the moon ponds. Spot early bluebells peeping up amongst the green carpets of wild garlic and learn all about the life of a baby bird on the bird detective trail throughout the grounds.

Download the spring summer What's On leaflet for all events up to August

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Make the most of the bank holiday weekend

See the Easter weekend in with a lazy breakfast at Studley tea-room before having a stroll through the grounds. Bring friends and family and get stuck into Easter activities together. Follow the Cadbury Easter Egg hunt and make a lavender bag. Climb the hill up to the High Ride path and take in the views from Octagon Tower to see spring taking over the estate from above before strolling along the woodland park to Surprise View and seeing the abbey in all its glory, sat down in the Skell valley.

The weather may be perfect for it but...

Please note that barbeques are not permitted in the deer park, abbey or garden for safety and conservation.

St Mary's Church opens for 2019


Soak up the colourful marble and elaborate stained glass windows of St Mary's Church - a William Burges masterpiece.  Look closely to see all manner of intricate carvings hidden in the church's design and chat to one of the volunteers to learn all about the sad but rich history of this church.

Don't miss stopping to look at the view from the north side of the church. On a nice day you can see all the way down Lime Avenue to Ripon Cathedral in the distance.

Marvel at the view of Ripon Cathedral from St Marys Church
View of Ripon Cathedral from the Deer Park at Fountains Abbey & Studley Royal
Marvel at the view of Ripon Cathedral from St Marys Church

These boots are made for walking

A walk makes everybody feel better, whether it's a brisk power walk or gentle stroll. There are plenty of trails to help you enjoy your time outdoors as much as possible.  Lace your boots and grab a fleece to enjoy a good leg stretch. 

Guided walks for you

Fountains Rocks

Wednesday 18 April, 2-2.30pm

Although the abbey is old, the rocks surrounding it are even older. Come along and learn all about the geology of the landscape in this guided one and a half hour walk.

Deer watch

Saturday 20 April, 2-4pm

Do you know your stags from your hinds and your Reds from your Sikas? Head out with our expert guides to discover what the deer are up to in spring and hopefully catch a glimpse of their new antlers starting to grow.

Red deer in the woodland at Fountains Abbey, Yorkshire
Red deer in the woodland at Fountains Abbey, Yorkshire
Red deer in the woodland at Fountains Abbey, Yorkshire

Daily tours are back

11am-12.30pm - Garden and abbey tour

2-3pm - Abbey tour

3-4pm - Any questions

A tale of two parts, there will be two tours of the abbey and one tour of the water garden each day. Each free tour lasts about an hour. If you don’t fancy a tour but have something you’d like to ask, visit one of our guides in the abbey cloister to ask your questions.

Who's tweeting now?

With bird life declining at an intimadating rate, it's wonderful to see so many making Fountains Abbey their home. Listen closely on your visit to see if you can hear bird song and look closely to spot nest building going on. 

This month, keep your eyes out for:

Tree creeper

Tucking into spiders and other insects this tiny little bird is a UK resident and lives in trees. You'll spot them hoping up tree trunks and along branches on the path from the visitor centre to the abbey and up on the High Ride path. 


With a little black hat on the top of its head, this little bird is quite easy to spot. They love tucking into insects and berries. As it has such a melodic song it's nicknamed the 'northern nightingale'.

Song thrush 

The song thrush is listed under red conservation status, which means it's struggling. They love tucking into worms, snails and fruit.

Willow warbler 

This little bird is very similar to the chiffchaff with a pale yellow chest and throat with yellow and black stripes across its eye. Listed as an amber conservation priority, this little bird are starting to decline. Insects and spiders are the food of choice for the willow warbler with a diet of fruit and berries in autumn.

Willow Warbler in flight
Willow Warbler
Willow Warbler in flight

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