Summer repairs to Abbey East Green river walls

Work taking place to repair river walls at Fountains Abbey

We are re-building the wall that stabilises the river near De Grey’s walk. Work will take place over the summer when the river water levels are low enough to work safely.

Flooding is one of the greatest challenges to manage on the estate. Heavy rainfall and surface run-off can cause damage to the land underneath De Grey’s walk and the river banks. 

Recently completed work to De Grey’s path has reinforced the banks above the path, the new repairs to the wall on the river banks are aimed at protecting the banks from flooding.   

The River Skell runs right through the estate from the Mill to the lake and beyond into Seven Bridges Valley. The monks tamed the Skell to be the powerhouse behind their industries of milling and wool farming, and George Aislabie shaped it into the beautiful moon ponds you can see in the water garden today. 

It’s a big job looking after this historic landscape. Water management is a key part of our UNESCO world heritage site work, you can find out more about that here.

This is the third year of carrying out repairs to the sides of the river canal to make sure the southern bank of De Grey’s walk in particular is stabilised. All the stone in the wall currently will be carefully removed and reused when we rebuild the wall.

The project represents an investment of £25,000. Flooding unfortunately is a persistent problem within the landscape of Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal and our conservation work is essential to managing this problem.

Every time you visit you're supporting our conservation work. The work will take approximately 4 weeks to complete from mid-June, take a look yourself at what's going on if you're visiting in the next few weeks.