Car park update

Gunby car park

Gunby Hall Estate and Gardens was closed for several days in 2019 because the very wet weather meant the parking area was saturated and unsuitable for cars.

At Gunby, the heavy clay soil means that water doesn’t freely drain away as quickly, so it takes that bit longer for the car parking area to recover and that’s why Gunby was closed.

The National Trust is in the process of developing an all-weather car park for Gunby to avoid this issue in future, and many options have been considered over the last few years. We have now identified an appropriate location, and are working closely with conservation advisors, architects, engineers and the local planning authority, to develop a car park that best meets the needs of Gunby and its visitors.

Planning and building a suitable car park involves a lot of complicated components. Drainage, traffic flow, environmental impact, including trees and wildlife, historic setting and landscape, how vehicles and pedestrians interact, accessibility, complying with regulations, obtaining planning permission, and more need to be taken into account. All of these add to the planning time before any construction work can start on site.

We're confident that this investment in Gunby's future will allow many people to enjoy this special place for years to come, and we are committed to progressing a car park at Gunby to a successful conclusion as swiftly as possible. In the meantime, we thank you for your continued support, and ask that you check Gunby’s opening times before travelling.

We've put together a list of frequently asked questions: Car Park FAQs (PDF / 0.0419921875MB) download