Gunby garden highlights

Dahlia in the Gunby gardens

There is always lots to enjoy in the Gunby gardens, but this time of year it's lavender, dahlias and paper daisies that are stealing the show.


It's really summer when you can smell the heavenly fragrance of lavender in the garden. See if you can spot them in front of the house, in the herb garden and near the roses. If you stand quietly, you're sure to spot lots of butterflies enjoying the lavender too.

See how many butterflies you can spot on Gunby's lavender
Cabbage white butterfly on lavender in the Gunby gardens


It's the Gunby dahlias that are taking the main stage, with many different ones flowering near the greenhouse and in the far corner of the kitchen garden. With their bold colours and striking shapes it's hard not to miss them

Be delighted by the many dahlias in the gardens this summer
Dahlia in the Gunby gardens

Paper daisies

These delicate flowers with their paper like textured petals can be found in the kitchen gardens. Both fresh and dried, they make excellent additions to the flower arrangements on display in the house.

These paper daisies have a lovely texture
Paper daisies in the Gunby gardens