Gunby garden highlights

Garden arch at Gunby

There is always lots to enjoy in the Gunby gardens, but this time of year it's roses, delphiniums, alliums and sweet peas that are stealing the show.


It's the Gunby roses that are taking the main stage, with many different ones flowering in the Gunby gardens. Stick your nose in one of the blooms and drink in their delicious fragrance. Roses can be found throughout the walled gardens, in beds on the lawn and climbing the walls of the courtyard.

Come and smell the Gunby roses
Man smelling Gunby roses




From pale blue to deap navy, it's easy to spot the statuesque delphiniums in the gardens. Many of them find there way in flower arrangements for the house this time of year

Blue sky, blue delphiniums and blue temple at Gunby
Delphiniums at Gunby


These impressive purple spheres are popping up in the borders throughout the garden. The largest seedheads will be dried later in the year and be used in the house to deter visitors from sitting on delicate furniture.

These purple spiky balls add colour to Gunby's herb garden
Alliums at Gunby

Sweet Peas

It must be nearly summer when you can smell the lovely fragrance of sweet peas. See if you can spot the many different coloured ones on the climbing frames near the Gunby greenhouse.

Enjoy the summery fragrance of sweet peas
Sweet peas at Gunby