Hallowe'en fun at Gunby

Witches playing croquet at Gunby

This time of year the trees are showing off their autumn colours and you can find the Gunby pumpkins stacked up in the gardens.

The Gunby ghosts come out to play one day a year on Saturday 28 October. Wander through the darkened rooms and try not to get too frightened by the scary noises all around you. If you've made it safely to the basement you definitely deserve some sweets! 

The haunted hall is open from 11am, with last admission at 4pm. The event is suitable for families, but it is a bit scary....

Visit the haunted house on 28 October if you dare....
Gunby ghost on the stairs

Sunday 29 October is our last opening of the season. On that day everything is back to normal in the house and the ghosts will have disappeared.

Throughout autumn, enjoy lovely colours in the gardens and plenty of apples and pumpkins.

Gunby pumpkins are great for carving
Pumpkin at Gunby