Meet the Gunby cats

Two Gunby cats near the greenhouse

The Gunby gardens really belong to the two resident cats, called Craig and Committee. They are most often seen mooching about near the greenhouse.

The cats are both very friendly and have been part of the team for many years. They love meeting visitors and always find the best sunny spots to have a catnap in the gardens.


Gunby's Craig is a Norwegian Forest cat
Gunby cat Craig in the  gardens

Gunby cat Craig, also known as M'Lord, is a Norwegian Forest cat and weighs a tonne! He was recently diagnosed with diabetes and Gunby head gardener Clive gives him twice daily insulin injections to manage the condition.

Craig is often hunting for prey in the parkland and likes to lounge about on a shelf in the greenhouse or snooze in his favourite box in the potting shed. 


Gunby cat Committee is relaxing in the gardens
Gunby cat Committee yawning in the garden

Gunby cat Committee (so called because she looks like she was designed by one) is also known as M'Lady. She is very friendly and loves to get a tickle on her tummy or a scratch behind the ears. She's often found sleeping in a flowerbed or in her crate near a window of the greenhouse.

Committee is an excellent mouse hunter and sometimes brings her prey to the staff team to show them her skills.