Nordic Walking in October

Nordic walkers at Gunby

Turn a walk into a work-out with our Nordic Walking sessions. Take your pick from a taster session and two technique sessions to learn all about Nordic Walking and enjoy the Gunby grounds while doing so.

Nordic Walking is an enhancement of ordinary walking that ensures the whole body shares the workload and benefits from every step taken.

Originally developed from the summer training regime of cross-country skiers, Nordic Walking works the upper and lower body by engaging 90% of your body's muscles.

Gunby's Nordic Walking instructor Lesley Julian has been leading Nordic Walking sessions at Gunby for five years and has shared her love and knowledge of Nordic Walking with many visitors.

We advise that you book one taster session and then follow on with technique sessions 1 and 2. You can mix & match a taster session with technique 1 and 2 sessions on dates that suit you. 

Taster session are £5 for 45 minutes (max 6 people); technique sessions are £10 for 75 minutes (min 2, max 6 people).

Taster sessions (£5) are on: Tuesday 3 October, Friday 6 October, Monday 9 October and Wednesday 11 October. 

Technique 1 Sessions (£10) are on:  Wednesday 4 October, Saturday 7 October, Monday 16 October and Wednesday 18 October. 

Technique 2 Sessions (£10) are on: Thursday 5 October, Sunday 8 October, Monday 23 October and Wednesday 25 October.

All sessions start at 10:15am.

Ring Lesley Julian or 07957 330613 to book or email: