Perfect place for photos

Wedding couple near Gunby's carp pond

Whatever the season, the Gunby gardens offer a sumptuous and colourful backdrop for your wedding photos. In the house there are many rooms to choose from for traditional and playful photos too.

Green backdrop

There's always pleanty of colour in the gardens, from the green lawns to bright roses or golden autumn leaves. Find the perfect spot for photos of your special day,

Let the Gunby roses add colour to your photographs
Wedding couple among roses at Gunby

Explore the grounds a bit further and go for a walk to find a tranquil location for a romantic reminder of your wedding day with us.

Pick the perfect spot in the gardens for your wedding photos
Wedding couple walking alongside the carp pond at Gunby

Framed to perfection

The front steps of the house are ideal for a photo of the whole wedding party and a traditional picture on the oak staircase with Gunby's suit of armour is a must. 

There's a knight in shining armour on Gunby's oak staircase
The Oak Staircase at Gunby Hall

Photos only

Even if you're not booking your ceremony at Gunby, you can still have your photos taken in the house and gardens.

Have your photos taken in and outside the house
Wedding couple in Gunby's entrance hall