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Croquet at Gunby

The Gunby lawn is perfect for a family game of croquet. Pick up a mallet and see who is skilled at getting their ball through the hoops.

If you're not sure how to play, don't worry: we've printed out a sheet with the rules, for those who want to take their game seriously. Please put the mallets and balls back under the cedar tree when you've finished your game so others can enjoy it too.

Gunby cat Committee is hoping someone will join her for a game of croquet
Gunby cat Committee with croquet balls

Why not find out who has the steadiest hands and play a game of garden Jenga? Take a picture of your tower with Gunby in the background and post it on one of the Gunby social media feeds.

Carefully stack the bricks high and see how tall your block game will go
Family playing block game at Gunby