Spring into Colour by Laura Donaldson

Detail of painting by Laura Donaldson

Visit Gunby's Orchard Gallery during April to enjoy a bright exhibition by Laura Donaldson called 'Spring into Colour'.

Laura takes her inspiration from rural landscapes around her
Field by Laura Donaldson

Laura studies landscapes, weather and seasonal change with a strong emphasis on colour. Currently she is painting with oils, but Laura produces work with oil pastels, acrylics and inks. Her love of the landscape and the ever changing weather conditions are her starting point, developing her work through sketches that explore composition and colour. From here, she works to create vivid and stimulating final pieces.

Close-up of one of the paintings on display in the exhibition
Detail of painting by Laura Donaldson

Laura is a practising artist living in Melbourne, Derbyshire. After growing up just outside Uttoxeter, where the local landscape of Staffordshire cemented her love of the landscape, she moved to study fine art at Edinburgh, graduating in 1998.

Enjoy monthly changing art exhibitions in Orchard Gallery; like this one by Laura Donaldson
Exhibition in Orchard Gallery

Laura's worked on private commissions of all types, from painting themed series for company calenders and board room pieces through to family portraits, landscapes and seascapes. she also produces work which is displayed at galleries and exhibitions throughout the Midlands.

For more information or to buy a painting, contact Laura on 07887 750581 or visit: http://lauradonaldson.co.uk/ 

'Spring into Colour' will be in Orchard Gallery from 1 to 26 April.