A Grand Picnic – Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 August

A family enjoy a picnic

Have your own grand feast at Ham House! Enjoy a picnic on our lawns with a magnificent view.

We welcome picnickers everyday of the year but on this special day we’ll be enjoying something grander, just like the spectacular summer parties the past owners of Ham House and Garden enjoyed. Family games, music and theatre will make this a wonderful weekend to spend together.

Fireside folktales are pitching their beautiful bell tent within our wilderness garden performing three amazing tales. Aesop's FablesPersephone & The Pomegranate Seeds and A Tale of Robin Hood. Maximum audience capacity is 45, so to avoid disappointment, please book in advance. If you are planning to visit on Sunday 4 August, please note that road closures for the Ride London event will affect road access to Ham House and Garden. Please plan your route carefully. Tickets are £7.50 and normal admission prices do apply as well. 

11am Aesop's Fables

12:30pm Persephone & The Pomegranate Seeds 

2pm Aesop's Fables

4pm A Tale of Robin Hood

Book your ticket for the folktales here

Aesop's Fables - c.30 minutes long, recommended age 3+

Three of Aesop's classic fables – The Ants & The Grasshopper, The Fox & The Stork and The Hare & The Tortoise – have been woven together into this delightful, funny and engaging play for children of all ages.  Harvest time is nearly here and there’s still so much work for the animals to do to make sure they will last through the winter.  Can they put their disagreements aside and get the job done in time for the festival?  

Persephone & The Pomegranate Seeds - c.35 mins, recommended age 7+

There are many versions of the classic Greek myth that explains how the seasons came to be - this is ours!  Learn how close the goddess Demeter came to destroying the world when her beloved daughter Persephone was stolen away by Hades, the lord of the Underworld - and how Zeus and Hermes searched for a solution that everyone could live with.  Were they successful?  You'll have to see the show to find out...

A Tale of Robin Hood - c.35 mins, recommended age 7+.  This play includes swords fights and staged violence.

With King Richard the Lionheart absent, corruption and injustice are rife in England.  The country cries out for a champion – and in the heart of the forest, a legend stirs...  Join Robin and his friends on a daring mission to save Sir Guy of Gisborne’s prisoner, Friar Tuck, from the hangman's noose.