Cattle return to Petersham Meadows in 400 year old tradition

Cattle at Petersham Meadows just along the river from Ham House

This article contains relates to 2018. Check back soon for 2019 information From April 6 Petersham Meadows welcomes its summer residents; a small herd of Belted Galloway cattle provided by Surrey Wildlife Trust.

Grazing has been used to keep the meadows in shape for over 400 years, and it’s still used today as the most environmentally friendly way to maintain this historic landscape. The National Trust has been the caretaker of Petersham Meadows since 2010, paying the very handsome rent of a posy of wild flowers to the Mayor of Richmond each year.

Petersham Meadows is a key feature of the view from Richmond Hill - the only view protected by an act of parliament in the country. By inviting the cattle to graze, the National Trust is preserving one of the best-known views in London for everyone to enjoy, for ever. The Ham House garden team, who look after the Meadow, encourage visitors to come and see the cattle and enjoy this historic river meadow.