Visit Father Christmas at Ham House and Garden

Father Christmas with a young girl

This article relates to 2019, please come back soon to find out about our future plans.

Make your family’s Christmas magical with a visit to Father Christmas at Ham House and Garden. He’s taken up residence in the historic back parlor where twinkling lights, rich decoration and the scent of fir make for an experience a world away from the commercial bustle of Christmas. Spend a quiet moment as a family with Father Christmas before enjoying the rest of this very special place which your visit has  helped protect.

Create unique memories across the whole property. The house is decorated throughout with warm candlelight and the scent of spices in the air. You can get cozy with seasonal treats in the café after an enjoyable walk through the gardens.  

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions before booking

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does it cost? What does Normal Admission Applies mean?

Visiting Father Christmas is £7.50 per child with every child receiving a present. This price does not include entry to Ham House and Garden which you will need to purchase for all children and adults in your party. Admission prices can be found here

If you are a National Trust Member, admission is free and you only need to purchase tickets for Father Christmas.

Do I need to book for accompanying adults as well as children?

You only need to book tickets for the children in your party. You are welcome to bring grandparents, aunties, uncles, friends, to see Father Christmas with you to make those special memories together. While they don’t need a Father Christmas ticket, any accompanying adults will need to get an admission ticket to the property. Admission prices can be found here. 

What is the visit like? Will we be with lots of other families?

One family will visit Father Christmas at a time, but you are welcome to join up with friends if you wish.

Can I bring my pram?

Level access to the house is not currently available- there are 5 steps up to the house. If you have concerns, please call us on 02089401950. Prams can be taken to see Father Christmas but cannot be used in the rest of our historic house due to narrow passageways. If you are visiting with a pram, you are welcome to leave it under cover just outside and borrow one of our hip-carriers. The other floors and rooms of the house are open 12-4pm so if you are seeing Father Christmas at 11am, you will need to come back at 12 to visit the rest of the house.

Please note that no food and drink can be taken into the house at any time.

Will we be waiting a long time?

Tickets are available in 15-minute slots. Please arrive just before your time slot where our elf will check your reservation. There is small waiting room with books and blankets to snuggle down with while you wait your turn with others in that 15 minute slot. Families and groups are then welcomed in individually to meet Father Christmas.

Some friends have also booked tickets for a different time- can we visit together?

We will try our best to allow you to visit together if you have both booked visits on the same day but at different times. Please check with our elf on the day as we may ask you to wait a little until there is a suitable gap so as not to hold up other visitors. 

Tickets are sold out – are there any available on the day?

We cannot guarantee a visit to Father Christmas without a pre-booked ticket however you are welcome to check on the day in case some people have not been able to attend their time slot.