Garden history audio tour at Ham House

View across the garden at Ham House showing the tulips and muscari coming in to flower in spring

As you walk around, join an award winning online audio tour by our Ham House Garden garden guides that introduces you to the garden today and tells you about its history.

The Garden Audio Guide team were the winners of the 2020 Marsh award for Museum Learning. There are 12 regional awards and the team won the regional award for London.

The main lawn at Ham House

1. Welcome to the garden

As you start your walk, listen online for an introduction to Ham House garden.

Lavender spheres in the Cherry Garden at Ham House, Summer 2020

2. Cherry Garden

Perfect lavender spheres, box cones and dwarf hedges- a story of garden re-creation.

The South Terrace at Ham House.

3. The South Terrace

This stately view designed to impress now showcases contemporary landscape design ideas with nature in mind.

The Wilderness at Ham House, London.

4. The Wilderness

A woodland idyll created more than 300 years ago, a great place in which to be hidden and found.

Visitors in the Kitchen Garden, Ham House, London.

5. The Kitchen Garden

Feeding visitors to Ham House for nearly 400 years, there's plenty of produce to eat and display.

A family in the garden at Ham House and Garden, London.

Download a PDF of the tour here

For hard of hearing visitors and those who would prefer to read our tour, a pdf download is available here.

Level Access guidance for self-guided  garden history tour

  • After the Cherry Garden (stop 2) and the south terrace (stop 3) continue to the far end of the gravel terrace, turning right through the large gates.
  • Follow the path round the back of the Orangery Cafe, down the level access slope into the kitchen garden (stop 5). 
  • Continue through to iron gates at the far left hand side. 
  • Continue straight ahead towards the two white statues located between the lawn areas and the wilderness (stop 4).