Listen to a short story of medicinal plants at Ham House

Daisies in the Fountain Garden at Ham House and Garden

In the Fountain Garden, right beside the entrance to the house, is our border that highlights the medicinal plants used in the seventeenth century. Take a seat in the sunny walled garden or listen at home to their story.

While face to face garden tours are paused, our garden guides have developed an audio ‘short story’ about the fascinating history and every day use of medicinal plants. Our story is 10-12 minutes long and can be paused at any time.

Close up of deep pink Rosa gallica flowers

Listen to the story here

Click here to listen to the story of medicinal plants in the Fountain Garden at Ham House and Garden.

A family in the garden at Ham House and Garden, London.

Download a PDF of the Medicinal Plants History here

For hard of hearing visitors or visitors who would prefer to read the tour, you can download a PDF here.