May Day dew morning at Ham House

Visitors in the Cherry Garden at Ham House and Garden, Surrey

Wake up with the sunrise and join us bright and early to gather the magical dew on May Day morning.

Dew Gathering 

We are reviving a seventeenth century tradition of dew gathering this May Day. 400 years ago it was common to gather dew in May and bottle it. Dew was seen to have medicinal or magical qualities that people would wash or cleanse themselves with.  

Our Gardens will be open from 6am to allow you to gather this magical dew. See if it's magical effects make you better at tying or untying knots?  Knowledgeable volunteers will be on hand to tell you more as well as garden history tours on offer to tell you more about the gardens. 

Tickets £10 per adult, £5 per child including breakfast in our Orangery cafe. 

Booking for this event availble here

May Day Activities

Why not stay and enjoy our May Day activites? During the day, demonstrators will be in our Still House using the May Dew to make some special mixtures. May pole dancing demonstrations will be given by one of our local schools and you can join in a game of tug of war too.

Head down to the craft room betwwen 12 - 4 pm to make a flower crown and crown yourself the May King or Queen in our flowery throne!