Mothers' Day at Ham House

The Duchesses' teapot

Aahhh, a cup of tea is wonderful to relax with, and they thought so in the 17th century too. Learn all about this fashionable new drink and explore other teas and tisanes in the still house. Make some fun memories together in a tea cup race and round it all off with a free cup of tea in the café for all mums!

Learn all about tea and tea drinking in the 17th century with an action packed day at Ham House and Garden for all the family to enjoy.

Inside the House

Explore the recently re-opened apartments of the Duke and Duchess of Lauderdale, and find out all about the Duchess' tea drinking habits. The Duchess of Lauderdale was an early adopter of tea, as the fine teapot that can be seen in her private closet will attest.  Keep an eye out for all the other tea cups around the house, each with a fun fact about tea drinking in the 17th century.

Tea cup races

Cheer on mum (and the rest of the family) and take part in a tea cup race in the Outer Courtyard. Running throughout the day, each winner will receive a voucher for a free cream tea in our Orangery Cafe. 

Children's art activities

Below stairs in our servant's quarters you will find our education room where there will tea related craft activities for children and grown ups alike.

Still house tea demonstrations

Visit our still house, the place where the Duchess would cook up her concoctions, and get hands on with some tea tasting. Our expert brewers will be using organic ingredients from our very own gardens. Suitable for grown-ups and children alike.  

Sweet treats in the cafe 

After hearing and learning about it all day you'll want to stop by our Orangery cafe to grab a cup of tea. Why not accompany that tea with some delicious cake and bakes, or warm yourself up with our selection of hot food including soups, stews and pastries. Hot food served 12-2pm.

Don't forget that we are offering a free cup of tea to all mums on Mothers' Day.

Victoria sponge cake.
A slice of victoria sponge cake
Victoria sponge cake.

Donate through shopping 

Why not end the day with a quick stop at our gift shop and pick up some tea. We also have our Spring range in store so you can get ahead of the rush and stock up on some all important chocolate. 

As a special treat, we will also have some beautiful bouquets of fresh-cut flowers for sale, picked straight from our garden - the perfect gift for mum.