The gardens at Ham House

The vivid colours of species tulips and muscari in Ham House's garden, Richmond

Spring in Ham’s garden is joyful, exuberant and colourful. We are known for our sequential display of over 500,000 spring bulbs on the large historic lawns or ‘plats’. Flowering with carpets of purple crocus from late February to species tulips and muscari until early April, our planting feeds the early pollinators and our imaginations.

Visitors on a tour through the gardens at Ham House and Garden.

Tours at Ham House and Garden

Learn more about Ham on one of our free tours, led by our knowledgeable volunteers or with a self led audio tour.

Summerhouse in the Wilderness at Ham House for Silent Space


Elsewhere, our woodland garden, known in the 17th century as the wilderness, showcases period spring colour, from hellebores and winter aconites heralding the season changing to carpets of daffodils and fritillaries. Here, you will find quiet spaces, shelter and hear birdsong.

Cut flower beds in the Kitchen Garden at Ham House

Kitchen Garden

In our kitchen garden, our cut flowers start to bloom before our spring harvest of asparagus and rhubarb begins. With thousands of daffodils and tulips leading the way, the atmosphere is busy, full of promise.

Blossoming fruit at Ham House


In other garden spaces, spring blossom on over 100 fruit trees, a meadow full of tulips and lavender starting to flush in growth are all welcome and reassuring signs that nature is setting the pace of change with much more to come.