London's summer sanctuary

Love-in-a-mist (Nigella damascena) flowers and a pink rose blooming in the Kitchen Garden at Ham House and Garden, Surrey, in June.

Embrace the great British summer and explore the bountiful gardens of Ham House; a calming oasis within busy London.

Sample organic produce…

The Kitchen Garden at Ham House is a mouth-watering delight in the summer with rows of fresh organic produce including herbs, vegetables and fruit. Everywhere you turn there is temptingly delicious produce, from peaches and apricots dangling from the walls to plump, ripe berries decorating brambles.  

£10 Veg bags

Due to popular demand this year our veg bags return. For just £10 you can pick up a small tote overflowing with fresh organic produce from the Kitchen Garden to take home with you. Bags can be purchased at the gift shop.

Family Picking Garden

Behind the Orangery Café you will find the Family Picking Garden where we encourage visitors to sample fresh vegetables and herbs with their children. This is a great space for children to taste organic produce straight out of the ground and maybe even discover a new favourite veg!

Girl picking fruit in the Family Picking Garden
Girl picking fruit in the Family Picking Garden
Girl picking fruit in the Family Picking Garden

Children's grass maze in the Outer Courtyard 

Children can solve the puzzle of our grass maze before running off to build a den. 

Kitchen garden tours

The gardeners at Ham House have worked tirelessly for years to re-create an authentic 17th century Kitchen Garden. Join a Kitchen Garden tour to learn more about the interesting planting styles and tastes of 17th century gardeners.

Tours run every Wednesday, at 2pm, meet at Visitor Reception. Tours are included in your entry, subject to availability.

The Fountain Garden

Recline on a wooden bench in the Fountain Garden and bask in the warm sunshine whilst you enjoy the fragrant aroma of citrus fruits. Surrounding this small area are Versailles planters filled with ripe lemon and orange trees. This is a very popular packed lunch location!

The Wilderness

At the back of the house you will find our maze-like Wilderness; a garden made up of compartments surrounded by a hornbeam hedge. Visitors are encouraged to explore these hidden areas and take the weight off their feet in one of our small summer houses.

Picnic on the Plats

In front of the Wilderness are large squares of picnic-perfect grass. Roll out a blanket and enjoy a packed lunch on the Plats whilst soaking in the beautiful views around you. 

Share fresh air and family fun on a picnic
Father and daughter picnic on grass
Share fresh air and family fun on a picnic

The Cherry Garden

At this time of year the lavender plots within the Cherry Garden are at their best. Walk around this once private formal garden and enjoy the gentle perfume of this fragrant herb.