Summer holidays family fun at Ham House

Boy amongst flowers

The sunshine brings out the flowers - and the fun. Take advantage of our family picking garden, pick up an activity map or enjoy playing games in the sunshine.

Flowery Fun activity map (suitable for children aged 5+)

Every day from 22nd July – 3rd September, 10am-5pm

So much sunshine has brought out the flowers of all shapes, sizes and colours! The Duchess thinks they are so pretty, she wants them everywhere! They aren't just in the gardens though...

Hunt all over the house to find the flower patterns hidden all around you. Find out how Elizabeth Murray used flowers in the Still House. Make your own flowers in the Education Room. Even try some honey and see if you can taste the flowers!

Stroll through the sunflowers in our new maze-like paths in the family area where you can also get stuck in the family picking garden, or play some garden games. Why not make a daisy chain, or grow your own sunflower at home?

Maps cost £2 each, and come with your own packet of seeds to take home and grow your own sunflower. 

Making a flower

Fun and Jaques at Ham House (suitable for all ages)

18th and 19th August

Jaques, the outdoor games makers, putting on a weekend of fun and games at Ham House. With lots of games for you to try, come and have a go!

The games are free for you to play with, normal admission charges applies.

Families enjoy playing garden games in the kitchen garden

Daily garden games (suitable for all ages)

Every day from 22nd July – 3rd September, 10am-5pm

Because garden games are so much fun for the whole family, we will have a smaller selection of the games from our weekend with Jacques on offer every day during the summer holidays. 

Games can be found in the 'Family Friendly Zone' in the Outer Courtyard. Sensible ball games are permitted in this area only. 

Tick off in den building off your 50 Things list

50 Things to Do Before You’re 11 ¾ (suitable for children aged 7-12) 

Every day from 22nd July – 3rd September, 10am-5pm

Hunt around Ham House for ways to complete as many 50 Things activites as possible.

You will find no. 4 ‘Build a Den’, no. 22 ‘Explore Inside a Tree’, and no. 25 ‘Make a Grass Trumpet’ in our Family Friendly Zone in the Outer Courtyard.

You will also find our toddlers 'Wooden London' play area in the Outer Courtyard. 

Family Picking Garden

And for the really little ones...

If you are bringing your tiny toddlers to Ham House, there is plenty on offer for them to explore. 

Take them to our craft room belowstairs for some colouring and sticking fun, or let them loose in our child-friendly Wildernes for some natural play.

We have plenty of picnic space and you are welcome to bring your own games to play in the Outer Courtyard. 

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