The first Petersham Meadows Thistle Pull

Thistle pulling at Petersham Meadows

Make a difference to the wildlife on your doorstep by getting involved in the National Trust’s first Petersham Meadows Thistle Pull, Saturday 7 July. Give one hour to improve this historic river meadow forever.

To celebrate National Meadows Day, Ham House’s garden team is gathering as many volunteers as possible for one hour to thistle pull across the length and breadth of this historic, grazed water meadow.

Rosie Fyles, Ham House’s head gardener, explains: “Whilst all plants have a value to wildlife, some can become very invasive in grassland. Thistles are an invasive species and each year the National Trust aims to reduce the impact of thistles on Petersham Meadow to encourage diversity and allow wildflowers like strawberry clover and bee orchid to flourish. If we do this by ourselves it takes our small team 10-12 days, assisted by corporate volunteers, but with help from 100 kind volunteers on 7 July we could get it done in just one hour.”

Join Rosie and the team at 11am at the National Trust compound on River Lane for a short introduction to the meadow and to the splendid thistle. If you have them, please bring your own strong gloves, wear sturdy shoes and remember, thistles are prickly!

To register for the first Petersham Meadows Thistle Pull, please email or get in touch via 0208 940 1950.