The house at Ham

A family explore the Great Hall

Ham House is a wonderful stately 17th century home with a historic collection of textiles, furniture and paintings dating back over 400 years. Above or below stairs, you’ll find treasures round every corner of the house. Why not discover the house’s hidden charms for yourself, meet our welcoming room guides or find out more about our fantastic collection online?

Explore our house

A grand place to exercise

Our long gallery was a place to exercise or play games, to display portraits that showed family connections, and to house furniture from all over the world.

Exotic dolphins

Revel in the exotic Baroque style of Ham House. Sea monster-like dolphins adorn these carved and gilded French armchairs.

Bathing 17th century spa style

Discover more about Stuart bathing rituals in one of the oldest purpose-built bathrooms in England.

A view from the round gallery

Checkmate. Tread in the footsteps of both servants and nobility as you cross the original 1610 black and white marble floor of the great hall - the entrance into Ham House.

A ceiling for royalty

Marvel at Antonio Verrio’s elaborate ceiling paintings. A craftsman who worked his way across Europe, Verrio left a trail of disgruntled women behind him before working at Ham and then for King William III.

Crackled-glaze teapot

A rare example of Chinese Dongkhe ware, this white crackled-glaze teapot, with silver mounts, is said to have been used by the Duchess herself.

Elaborate frames

Picture framing changed dramatically in the 1620s and 1630s as a result of the collecting activities of King Charles I, from simple designs to elaborately carved and gilt frames.

Our miniatures

Our collection of miniatures on display in an early 17th-century picture closet is without parallel in England.

Online collection

You can find out more about our fantastic collection online. Or discover it in person by visiting our house and meeting our welcoming room guides.

Great staircase is looking different

In March 2013, funding was awarded to conserve the ten paintings that hang in this magnificent space. Three paintings are already at the conservators and others will follow over the next few years.

Visit below stairs

Complete your visit to Ham with a hands-on experience in our basement and see what it would have been like to live and work below stairs.

Haunted Ham

Reputed to be one of the most haunted houses in Britain, we offer ghost tours helping you to discover the ghostly tales scattered through the history of Ham House.