Four centuries of tulips display at Ham House

Tulips in the fountain garden at Ham House

Our 'living exhibition' of four centuries of tulips will be in full bloom this April. This display of tulip planting in our Kitchen Garden will take visitors through four centuries of planting styles, colours and shapes using more than 1500 bulbs, including varieties that are rarely seen and not commercially available.  

Tulip fans and gardeners will be able to follow the way tulips have changed as fashion has changed, and see how bulb breeders have developed flower shapes, colours and height. With a downloadable exhibition catalogue, you can almost take the exhibition home.

The display takes place in our Kitchen Garden outside the Orangery Cafe in four square plots. We have plenty of other tulips decorating our gardens as well; it really is tulipmania at Ham House. 

Free to view, normal admission applies for non-members. 

Download your exhibition catalogue here 

Four Centuries of Tulips Catalogue (PDF / 1.529296875MB) download

Latest updates

22 Apr 17

Don't miss your last chance to see the tulip display

It's the end of April and this means we will soon be saying goodbye to our lovely four centuries of tulips display. Visit us this week to make sure you don't miss it. We also have peonies and tulips out on the South Terrace border. Our peony border in the kitchen garden is in bud, while our wisteria is in full bloom on the Orangery.

Tulips starting to fade in the four centuries of tulips display

11 Apr 17

Tulips in full bloom

Earlier than expected, our display is in full bloom. Due to the hot weather the tulips have opened early. Get down to Ham House in the next week or so to see the display at it's finest.

Tulips in the 21st century plot are in full bloom

29 Mar 17

Plots 3 and 4 start to bloom

Our 20th and 21st Century plots have started to bloom. These include Parrot Tulips in plot 3 and Christmas Orange Tulips in plot 4.

Parrot Tulip in plot 3 of Ham House Garden's living exhibition