Bluebells at Hardcastle Crags

A carpet of bluebells lining the woodland floor

As you arrive at Hardcastle Crags this spring, you’ll notice explosions of colour as one of the nation's best-loved wild flowers form a sea of blue across the woodland floor. Bluebells will transform the valley with an unearthly haze to create one of nature’s most stunning displays and the air will be filled with their sweet perfume.

The best time to visit is in late April and May before the full woodland canopy casts its shade.

Waymarked routes will take you to some of our favourite spots. There are lots of places to soak up the view, enjoy a quiet picnic and take the perfect photograph.

Close up of a bluebell

Six top tips for photographing bluebells 

Bluebells are not the easiest subject to photograph. Dappled light leads to contrast and colour issues and there's the practical aspect of trying not to damage the very thing you're celebrating. Photographer Hugh Mothersole has top tips for phone snappers and professionals alike.

Please help us to look after the bluebells. Keeping to the footpaths will help to prevent their sensitive leaves from being damaged.