Discover the mill

A family outside Gibson Mill, Hardcastle Crags

In the middle of Hardcastle Crags, you’ll find Gibson Mill. Built around 1800, it was one of the first mills of the Industrial Revolution producing cotton cloth up until 1890, driven by a water wheel.

In the early 1900s, Gibson Mill began to be used as an ‘entertainment emporium’ for the local people. It offered dining saloons, a dance hall, a roller-skating rink, refreshment kiosks and boating on the mill pond.

However, after the Second World War, the mill slipped into disuse, until it was acquired by the National Trust in 1950.

The Weaving Shed Café and Shop

Now, Gibson Mill houses the Weaving Shed Café and Shop, serving up a selection of homemade seasonal dishes, including soup, sandwiches and sweet treats. In the shop you’ll find a selection of gifts and local crafts, as well as a selection of homeware and plants during the summer months.

Gibson Mill is entirely #OffTheGrid and all the power needed to run everything in the building is generated on site. If the river is low or if it's cloudy we can't always generate enough electricity to power all the equipment you might find in other cafes - that's why we have a limited menu and sometimes have to turn things off!

Warm up in the Weaving Shed cafe
Warm up in the Weaving Shed cafe
Warm up in the Weaving Shed cafe