Find out more about volunteering at Hardwick

Aerial view of the Hardwick hall and gardens

The volunteering team at Hardwick wanted to share some of the stories and reasons behind why people volunteer at Hardwick. Below are two case studies of two different volunteers who both love their time at Hardwick.

Discover more about volunteering at Hardwick
One of the visitor experience volunteers at Hardwick

Paula has been volunteering in the visitor experience team for three years. She started volunteering straight after she retired from being a hairdresser.

Why did you start volunteering?  ‘In my line of work I was used to meeting lots of people each day and I really missed it when I retired. I really wanted to be in a place that is close to my heart and Hardwick is that place for me’

What is your favourite thing about volunteering? ‘Sharing all of our Hardwick stories with our visitors, having a chat and finding out what interests our visitors, it is great to be able to share something special with them, and of course having a laugh’  

What makes Hardwick special? I love the local history, the views are amazing and I get to enjoy them all day at the Gatehouse. The building, the fact that it is relatively unaltered – it really links you with the past!’

There are a wide range of volunteering options at Hardwick
One of the volunteers at Hardwick

Keith is one of the voluntary volunteer managers, he supports the gardens team in coordinating the garden volunteers. This role includes inducting new garden volunteers and making sure everyone is happy and confident in what they are doing. He also is a member of Hardwick’s volunteer forum. This group has representatives from all departmetns on property and meeting quarterly to discuss topics around volunteering.

Why did you start volunteering? To give back, I used to come here a lot when I was young and I got a lot from those visits. I used to come here all the time – it has given me lots of memories!’

What is your favourite thing about volunteering? ‘I just love being outside and meeting all the visitors and sharing my knowledge, its great exercise. And the tea and cake!’

What makes Hardwick special? ‘It is my local property, I have walked here, biked here, come by car. All my life. Many many years that is. It is this connection I have that makes Hardwick special to me’