Roof Experiences at Hardwick Hall

A view onto Hardwick roof | National Trust / James Potter

Roof tours are back. Enjoy captivating views and a unique Hardwick experience, starting on the 12 July, one every Tuesday and Wednesday through July and August.

A walkway installed as part of ongoing building conservation work gave the Hardwick team an exciting opportunity to enable visitors to experience the breath-taking views from the top of our iconic Elizabethan mansion.

On the tour

Climb the original steps of the North Stairs (built between 1590 - 1597) and emerge amongst the chimneys and turrets where you can experience the full, magnificent impact of Hardwick’s position on the top of the ridge overlooking the Derbyshire countryside. Follow in Bess’s footsteps and learn how important guests of Bess would ‘take the leads’ as they leisured on the roof, named because of lead being the material used for the roof at this time.

  • Limited spaces allocated on a first come first serve basis
  • 10 people per tour
  • Tour lasts approximately an hour
  • Tickets are £10 (non-members will also require a general admission ticket in addition to the experience ticket)
  • Sensible clothes and shoes must be worn
  • Pleas read the tour terms and conditions below

Roof Tour – Terms and conditions
1. There are 136 steps up to the roof walkway; therefore all participants must be able to go up and down the stairs unaided. If you have a heart complaint or breathing difficulties, or have a phobia or dislike associated with height or small spaces or a medical condition that could be affected by physical activity, this may not be for you. Please seek further information from tour guides prior to the tour if unsure. The tour guide has final decision as to whether or not to allow you on the tour.
2. No persons under 16 years old are permitted. 16 & 17 years old need to be accompanied by a responsible adult aged 18 years or older.
3. All persons must be taller than 90cm.
4. Sensible clothes and footwear must be worn; no open toe shoes, no heels. The tour guide has final decision as to whether or not to allow you on the tour.
5. In the event of adverse weather conditions tours may be cancelled, sometimes at short notice, at the discretion of the National Trust. If in the unfortunate circumstance that we do need to cancel a roof tour we will try where possible to offer an alternative tour date or full refund. 
6. The group size of a tour will be restricted to 10 people or less.
7. The roof tour is charged at £12 per person and is applicable to all visitors including National Trust members. Non-members will require a general admission ticket to gain access to the grounds.
8. Food and drink may not be consumed during the tour.
9.  Smoking (including the use of e-cigarettes) is prohibited at all times during the tour.
10.  Commercial photography is not permitted without the prior written permission of the National Trust. This includes the recording of any images and/or sound for commercial purposes and the uploading onto the Internet or any online publishing of any material created or recorded at Hardwick Hall. All commercial image-use rights in all images created at Hardwick Hall remain the property of the National Trust.
11.  Please respect other visitors by switching your mobile phone to silent and not making or receiving any calls.
12.  Please allow at least 30 minutes from parking in the visitor car park to complete registration at visitor reception and then meet the tour guides at the starting point at the entrance of house (10-15 min walk). The tours usually last for around 60 minutes.
13.  Please follow all instructions from the tour guides and remain with the tour group at all times.


Tickets are available at £10 for members and non-members. Non-members will require a general admission ticket also. You can purchase tickets on the day at the visitor reception, first come first served. 

Every ticket that is purchased for the tour will directly help conserve the building, so that we can help preserve our special place for ever, for everyone. 


All the income from the roof tours goes directly to our building project, which you can see in action on your visit today. 400 years’ worth of Derbyshire weather have had a huge impact on the fabric of Hardwick, a huge conservation challenge we face today. While on the tour find out more about how our team aims to preserve the roof and exterior stonework of Hardwick. All the income from the roof tours goes directly to our building project.

Inside the roof turret of Hardwick Hall | National Trust / James Potter
Inside the roof turret of Hardwick Hall
Inside the roof turret of Hardwick Hall | National Trust / James Potter