Hardwick Hall Building Repairs Project

Hardwick stonemason carving letters in the flagstone

Hardwick was built using soft sandstone, initially quarried from the estate, and its elevated position leaves it open to the elements. This has meant that, for centuries, Hardwick has needed a constant programme of repair and replacement of its walls, balustrades, roofs and windows, which are a main feature of the Hall.

Sadly, the stonework on this 400 year-old, internationally renowned building continues to deteriorate.  This project is to carry out essential repairs, keeping Hardwick water-tight and protecting its priceless contents.

Hardwick stonemasons have repaired the Hall for over 400 years and this tradition is continued with the Direct Labour Team today. Our Master Mason started as an apprentice at Hardwick and has worked on the Hall for 38 years.

We'd really appreciate your support, to help us fundraise for the building repairs. You can donate online today, follow the project progress below or see our introductory video about the project.

Latest updates

10 Jun 19

Hardwick building repairs are underway

Our team of expert stone masons are in action, repairing the external architecture of the front of our Elizabethan Hall. The current scaffolding is to enable the skilled Hardwick masons to undertake essential conservation masonry repairs by hand. This work will include repairing damaged ashlars, repointing between the stones, and replacing damaged or missing flaunching - the sloped seal of mortar around the windows. This project is ongoing over the coming months as part of major conservation work of this historic site.

Damaged Ashlar | Hardwick Hall

17 Aug 17

Window repairs are underway

Scaffolding has been erected to allow the Hardwick Masons access to the east elevation (the back of the Hall) so that they can carry out essential repairs to the windows and to repoint the stonework. This work will last approximately 12 weeks.

East elevation of the Hall, window repairs

10 Jul 17

Scaffolding put up to replace the balustrade

Scaffolding will be put up on Monday 10 July so that the new south west balustrade can be put in place. The Hardwick masons have carved the new balustrade in their workshop here at Hardwick Hall.