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Beatrix Potter's 17th-century farmhouse: a time-capsule of her life

Hill Top

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The kitchen at Hill Top, Cumbria

What's new at Hill Top this year 

Sometimes a change is better than a rest for Hill Top.

Continue in Beatrix Potter's footsteps

Hill Top

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National Meadows Day

Sat 01 Jul 2017
We're hosting a day of activities at Hill Top for National Meadows Day to celebrate the farm's hay meadows and all that lives within them.

Hill Top Showcase Tours

Sat 01 Jul 2017
Beatrix's much loved and inspirational Hill Top will be brought to life on this unique tour. Experience the house in the quiet of the evening, as Beatrix herself often did.

Conservation in action

Thu 06 Jul 2017
Chat to our Conservation volunteers and learn about how we care for our large book collection at Hill Top.

Beatrix Beyond Hill Top

Sat 08 Jul 2017
Go beyond Hill Top to experience Beatrix Potter's wide legacy in her much loved village of Near Sawrey, including exclusive access to the farmyard, Castle Cottage and the opportunity to enjoy one of Beatrix's favourite views not normally accessible.

Garden Tours

Sat 15 Jul 2017
Join our very own Mr McGregor, gardener Pete, for a guided tour of Beatrix Potter's delightful farm house garden. Learn about the history of the garden, its plants and the deep connections with Beatrix's life and work.
Hill Top

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An introduction to the Lake District's World Heritage Site bid 

The Lake District is bidding for World Heritage Site status.

Hill Top


Visitor taking photos in Hill Top Garden, Cumbria

Visiting Hill Top as a group 

Don't forget to book ahead if you want to discover the beautiful setting and history of Beatrix Potter's Hill Top in a group. It's a real National Trust gem but is busy so booking ahead can help manage numbers.

Hill Top


Hill Top

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Volunteers in the Garden at Hill Top, Cumbria

Volunteer at Hill Top  

Join us as a volunteer at Hill Top and do something great.

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