Beatrix's Hill Top House

Some of Beatrix Potter's belongings in Hill Top house, Cumbria

Hill Top helped inspire many of Beatrix Potter's tales and when she left the house to the National Trust she gave us instructions about how it should be shown. So what you see when you visit is the 'real thing': Beatrix Potter's Hill Top as she knew it.

Beatrix took inspiration for her tales from her surroundings, the rooms and their contents. She conjured up a story using the doll’s house for The Tale of Two Bad Mice; see it amongst her treasures.

An 'alternative' guidebook

This is not a conventional guidebook although its author was very knowledgeable indeed about the house. How can we be sure? Because the author is Beatrix Potter herself and the guidebook is The Tale of Samuel Whiskers.

This wonderful tale is set inside Hill Top house and the children love to be able to match up the drawings with the rooms and furniture.

So, alongside our conventional guidebook on the rooms and their contents, why not treat yourself to a copy of our 'alternative guidebook', available from the Hill Top shop?

A place to imagine Beatrix at work

Imagine Beatrix Potter at work when you see the writing desk in the New Room. You can almost see her sitting there, composing letters to friends and family and working on ideas for her stories.

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Hill Top and Beatrix Potter

Beatrix purchased Hill Top in 1905 and it remained a working farm during her lifetime and still is today. Hill Top was one of 15 Lake District farms she left to the National Trust on her death in 1943.

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Know your Beatrix Potter characters?

Peter was of course a rabbit but here are five more characters from Beatrix Potter's stories. Do you know what creatures these were?

  • Old Brown
  • Hunca Munca
  • Chippy Hackee
  • Mr Jackson
  • Pickles

Which Beatrix Potter characters lived at Hill Top?

  • Tom Kitten and his family
  • Jemima Puddle-Duck
  • Samuel and Anna Maria Whiskers
  • Pigling Bland and his brother Alexander set off to market from Hill Top farm.