Plan your arrival while our car park improvements are underway

The car park at Knole

Essential work to the car park is taking place, so follow our tips to make the most of your visit.

We are really sorry that parking at Knole has been so difficult over the past few months. Work is well underway on our car park to undertake essential maintenance and improve your arrival.

Please be aware that due to recent weather conditions the new crushed ragstone surface in the car park is taking longer than expected to settle. Please be prepared for soft and muddy ground conditions when parking.

What are we doing to improve things?

The layout of the car park will change to create a clear one-way system to make parking easier. This work is expected to take around 10 weeks. Please expect different areas to be closed off and follow the temporary directional signage. It is best to expect a change each time you visit.

There will be a lot of building equipment around while we improve the surface of the roadways. We are using crushed ragstone to provide a more even surface and ensure more parking is available even when the weather is bad. This work may be noisy; sorry, please bear with us.

If you are thinking of driving to Knole, please check our website for the latest parking information first. All updates will be posted in the red note at the top of the website.

Our car park can fill up quickly on peak days (weekends and school holidays between 11am-2pm). To avoid congestion and likely car park closures it’s best to visit outside our peak times. Arrive earlier or later in the day when the car park will be less busy.

When it gets full (which is likely while this work takes place), we tend to close the car park for 45 minutes to an hour to free up a lot of spaces and avoid queues on the drive into town. We know this can be frustrating but when we have tried re-opening the car park as soon as a few spaces free up, we have to close again almost straight away.

It would really help us out if you can car share when visiting with friends and family, use public transport or use the car parks in Sevenoaks and enjoy a walk through in the parkland. Knole’s main entrance is a five-minute walk away or you can enter the park via Webbs Alley behind the High Street.

We will keep you updated here and please bear with us while these essential works take place. Don’t forget to check the website for updated parking information before visiting our beautiful house and grounds.