Easter at Knole

Easter is an event many of us like to celebrate, marking the gateway to summer and enjoyed, by many, with a traditional Easter Egg hunt. Whilst we're not able to bring you a traditional Easter experience this year, we can share some fun activities to try at Knole. We've also got some activities to try at home, or virtually across many National Trust properties.

PLEASE NOTE: From Tuesday 6 April there may be some disruption to your visit due to works being carried out by South East Water to install a new water main in Knole Park. Please allow extra time for your journey. Find out more here.

Easter at Knole

A different Easter at Knole awaits visitors this year. We won't be taking part in the National Trust Easter Egg Hunts, instead we're encouraging visitors to download our activity sheet and bring it with you for a few hours of fun, spotting signs of nature around the park. There are no prizes this year, just the fun of taking part and enjoying some time outdoors.

Enjoy a family adventure on a woodland walk
Family on a walk in the woods
Enjoy a family adventure on a woodland walk

Where to go for a traditional National Trust Easter Egg Hunt

If you're looking to take part in a traditional National Trust Easter Egg Hunt, then please book to visit one of our neighbouring properties. You can find the latest updates on Easter Egg Hunts and properties taking part in the link below.  Discover family-friendly trails and fun activities for you to do around the area. When you complete the trail you can look forward to enjoying your chocolate reward.

Easter at Knole

If you've got young people to entertain this Easter holidays, why not come for a walk at Knole and take part in our spotter trail? We've put together some challenges for you to do independently when you're visiting the park, noticing nature plus the sounds and sights around you. Print off the sheet below and bring it with you, or download it to your phone and you're all set. 

Get involved with decorating the wooden deer at Knole

Our wooden deer are going to be getting an Easter makeover this year and you can help us decorate them. Just print off the template below, decorate the egg, cut it out and bring it to Knole with a length of ribbon or string so you can attach it to our deer. They'll be a few decorated deer displayed in the courtyard by various groups from our local community, plus our dedicated deer for visitor decorations in Stone Court, which we'll clear daily to start again the following day.

Wildlife at Knole Park

Whilst the house is still closed, Knole has plenty of outdoor spaces to explore and wildlife to lspot. Knole is home to far more animals than its famous deer. Keep your eyes peeled for some smaller residents- can you spot the bushy tail of a squirrel, or the bright green feathers of a parakeet?

A grey squirrel snacking in the woods
A grey squirrel sat eating on a mossy branch
A grey squirrel snacking in the woods

See if you can complete no.34 of your 50 things by looking for animal prints in the mud. Be creative and let your imagination run wild- can you find a tree you think looks like an animal? Or one with a face on its trunk?  

Have a good look at Knole House

It’s hard to miss the sight of Knole House when you visit, but how closely have you looked at it before? Try standing outside the front of the building by the tower. Can you spot the numbers and letters on the drainpipes? How many different shapes can you see when you look at the windows?

The exterior of Knole

The courtyards have reopened so take a wander inside and see if you can copy the poses of the statues in Green Court or line yourself up for a photo in Stone Court so you've got antlers coming out of your head. There's plenty of fun to be had around Knole with a little imagination.

Take a selfie with the deer antlers in Stone Court
Knole deer antlers selfie
Take a selfie with the deer antlers in Stone Court


Take-away refreshments from the Brewhouse Café

If you're in need of some refreshments or a quick bite to eat, then plan a detour to the Brewhouse Café. Whilst the menu is reduced at the moment, there are still hot and cold drinks, savoury snacks, sandwiches, soup, cakes, bakes, children's lunchboxes and pre-packaged snacks.

Takeaway coffee
A visitor's hand holding a National Trust takeaway coffee cup
Takeaway coffee

We have safety measures in place to keep visitors and staff safe, including the closure of our seating areas, screens at our till and collection points, plus waymarked routes. On busy days, our staff will be in the Brewhouse courtyard to help manage the number of people in the area and direct visitors to the right area.

The picnic area is currently open for groups of up to six or two families to gather. We will be opening up more seating areas as the weeks unfold, subject to government guidance.

Take a trip to the shop

The shop at Knole is now open. We're looking forward to welcoming visitors back in to browse the spring ranges, National Trust food and drink displays, Knole souvenirs, pocket money toys and more.

Browse the National Trust and local items on sale in the shop at Knole
Items displayed by the historic windows in the shop at Knole
Browse the National Trust and local items on sale in the shop at Knole

The shop can be found inside Green Court now, having been relocated last summer to a much larger space where there's so much more on offer. Alternatively, if you're craving some National Trust jam or are in need of some tangy chutney for your cheese, you can shop at the National Trust online shop.

Activities to try from home

There are also some fun activities you can do at home in the Easter holidays. From cooking to crafting, virtual visits to other National Trust properties and how-to guides for things to build at home, take a look at these links for some inspiration.

Don't forget to pre-book your parking

If you'd like to use the car park at Knole, please remember you need to pre-book. You can do this following the link below. Slots are released on Friday mornings for the following week. On busier days, such as weekends and bank holidays, these slots sell out quickly so please plan ahead over Easter.

If you haven't pre-booked a parking space and intend to travel by car, we recommend you park in the multi-storey car park in town and walk in through the pedestrian gate. Be aware that there are parking restrictions on many of the residential roads around Knole at present. The post code for the multi-storey car park is TN13 1LW.

A dog out for a winter stroll

Dog walking at Knole

With over 1000 acres of parkland, there's plenty of space to walk, run and enjoy the great outdoors with your furry companion. Have a quick read of our pointers on dog walking at Knole before you set off.