Plan your visit to Knole

Autumn glow at Knole

There are plenty of places to discover and explore on a visit to Knole. From our majestic parkland complete with deer to our stunning showrooms with over 400 years of history, plan a visit to Knole and we'll ensure you have a splendid day out in the Kent countryside.


Please note that the house is open from the start of March to the end of October.

Walk through the showrooms created by Thomas Sackville, who employed the finest craftsmen of the early 17th century to re-model the old archbishops’ palace. Four hundred years on, these rooms still smoulder with a stately and intriguing beauty. Join us for a Highlights Tour from 11am - 12noon, for an entertaining introduction to Knole’s splendours, its unique contents and stories about the people who have lived here.


Knole has the most complete set of royal Stuart furniture in the world. Find showrooms full of chairs, stools and tables from Whitehall and Hampton Court Palaces. The house is also home to very rare and opulent silver furniture, a golden bed made for the future James II and the original Knole settee. 


Famous as Kent's last medieval deer park and a priceless local amenity, the park covers 1,000 acres of bracken-lined paths and tree-filled landscape. The herd of about 500 deer are descendants of those hunted by Henry VIII. The park is also designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest because of the rare species found within it.


Our double-storey orangery with lemon trees and a rare Buzaglo stove is one of Knole's brightest, most ethereal spaces. Sit and watch the winter sunlight dance through the stained glass windows looking out onto Lord Sackville's private garden.


Lord Sackville’s private garden is an ancient space. It includes features such as the bosquet, wilderness and green alley, once common in grand estates, destroyed as fashions changed, but preserved in astonishing form at Knole. We open this little-known garden only on Tuesdays, April to September.

Plan your visit


About an hour

Enter the magnificent early 17th century great hall and proceed to our three long galleries with their state rooms and royal beds. Admire the art of Reynolds and other court painters while appreciating the world's most complete set of royal Stuart furniture.

1-2 hours

Drop in to exhibitions in our orangery and our oral history exhibition in the former estate office. Then walk in the footsteps of those who've visited Knole in the past 200 years. Don't miss the silver furniture and rare state beds in the house before having a stroll in the beautiful deer park and visiting our Outdoor Café.

A few hours

You'll have time to explore the deer park on your own or with one of our walks. There's time for a picnic or a visit to our tea-room, before exploring Knole's courtyards, visitor centre, orangery, estate office and grand showrooms. To help you plan, here's what's in our collection.

Always open to explore

The show rooms are open every day from March to October except Mondays. Highlights tours run from 11am to 12noon. Knole park is open to enjoy year-round. So why not try one of our walks, complete a challenge from Knole's '50 things to do before you're 11 3/4' list or enjoy a warm refreshment from our Outdoor Café?