Behind the scenes

As part of our ten year strategy, Playing our Part, we focus on ‘looking after what we’ve got’ and the devoted team of experts and volunteers that help us achieve this.

Conservators vacuum a tapestry at the Textile Conservation Studio in Norfolk

Day to day in the textile studio 

Textile conservation adviser, Ksynia Marko, takes us behind-the-scenes at The Textile Conservation Studio where their current projects include restoring a 400-year-old bed.

A conservator helps to restore Crown Bar in Belfast

Conservation in action at Crown Bar 

Visitors can enjoy a drink whilst they experience conservation in action as conservator Claire Magill restores our high-Victorian gin house, Crown Bar.

The glasshouse at Quarry Bank which is set to be restored

Restoring Quarry Bank 

Head Gardener, Sarah Witts, looks forward to the restoration of Quarry Bank’s 1830’s glasshouse

Little tern birds on the Northumberland coast

Camping out to protect the little tern bird 

The dedicated ranger team at the Long Nanny tern colony prepare for a 24-hour watch as rare seabirds return to the North

Woolsthorpe Manor, Lincolnshire

Issac Newton's former home receives a special donation  

Conservation manager Margaret Winn reveals how an unexpected donation to the former home of Issac Newton has enriched their collection

A night roost for bats, Paddock Cottage

Bats about conservation 

Building surveyor Robert Westmoreland explains how Paddock Cottage in Lyme has been restored to cater for bats

400-year-old oak beams at Townend that need replacing

Restoring rotting beams at Townend 

Manger at Townend, Emma Wight, reveals how your donations are helping to restore crumbling oak beams holding the 400-year-old farmhouse together