Friday, 10 August at the Eisteddfod

The National Trust presents… a vibrant programme of talks, music, objects and stories to reflect on our work across Wales.

Angharad Tomos a Delyth Prys - The Battle of the Beasleys & The Campaign for the Welsh language | 11.30am

Angharad Tomos is an author and language activist from Pen-y-groes, Gwynedd. Angharad has written many books for adults and children and has won some of the main prizes of our country for her work. She is also the author and artist of the Rwdlan Series and the Gwlad y Rwla characters and their stories have fascinated the children of Wales for decades. Originally from Llangenner near Llanelli, Delyth Prys is the daughter of Eileen and Trefor Beasley. Although language was her delight, she was content to get to grips with technology to ensure that the Welsh language and its speakers had the tools and terminology to thrive in the digital age. She is the Head of the Language Technology Unit, Bangor University, and is also a busy grandmother.

Peter Finnemore - Soundscapes I, II & III | 7pm - 9pm

Soundscapes I, II & III is a series of episodic audio chapters to convey different atmospheres and themes that have strong associations with Wales. These audio journeys revolve around landscape, weather, farming and industry, cultural and sporting icons, politics and language, art and folk memory. The soundscapes are an audio collage relevant to the spirit of the Eisteddfod, while playfully finding new ways to connect different generations and histories. Peter Finnemore is one of Wales’ leading figures in contemporary art. He is best known for his photographic and film work that explores generational memory through his family home in the Gwendraeth Valley; memories that remain topical as much as they are historical. In 2005, he represented Wales at the Venice Biennale.