Petticoats of Power

Petticoats of Power experience at Llanerchaeron, Ceredigion

Her story not history

It’s time for the women of Llanerchaeron to step out of the shadows and let us share her story not history

Women’s stories have often stood in the shadows at National Trust properties, as many did not own land in their own right, yet many of these women have important stories to tell that show how power comes in many forms and often does not require legal recognition to be used effectively. 

This is very much the case at Llanerchaeron, where the strength of character, independent wealth, compassion and steadfastness of the women who lived here over the centuries protected the estate during trouble times and guided it to a brighter future. 

This year marks one hundred years after some women got the right to vote for the first time, we’re celebrating these powerful women by throwing light on their achievements and their lives. 

Petticoats of Power (7 May – 7 October 2018)

Looking back through the archive shows us that we have uncovered a wealth of untold stories, tales that show how the estate’s women cut through conventions, broke down barriers, and that each time the estate could’ve gone under, it was saved by a woman. 

This year, during Petticoats of Power, we’re re-interpreting the villa to share these stories. You’ll experience the hustle and bustle of a busy service courtyard, discover how John Nash would never have built the house without Corbetta’s dowry and how Mary’s steady hand guided the estate through uncertain times. 

Sharing the names of the powerful women in your life

Not only will we be sharing with you the stories of these wonderful women, we want to interact with you. 

Throughout Petticoats of Power you will have the opportunity to tell us about the powerful women in your life. 

When you visit – make sure you leave the name of a powerful woman in your life and what she means to you, and see how we will transform these names into the ‘Petticoat of Power’. 

More than just the villa

It wasn’t only in the villa that we come across powerful women; women were paramount throughout the estate. Discover the stories of our estate workers as you explore the farm and garden.