Restoring the Pleasure Grounds at Llanerchaeron

A view of the villa at Llanerchaeron from the meadow

Once a glorious, open and diverse landscape, the pleasure grounds at Llanerchaeron had become enclosed and dominated by rhododendron ponticum.

This would’ve been in contrast to how they were first imagined as the important backdrop to John Nash’s villa, with carefully designed planting to make the house appear nestled in the landscape. 

We’ve embarked on a project to restore this area to its former Georgian glory so that you can visit and enjoy the pleasure grounds as nineteenth century visitors would have. 

During the project you’ll see that we’re reducing the amount of ponticum to create open spaces and vistas, as well as introducing a greater variety of plants and more seasonal interest. 

This is the latest phase in the journey of restoration at Llanerchaeron, since we started caring for the estate in 1989, the house, farm and estate buildings have been restored, we hope that this latest phase of restoration will add to the character of this self-sufficient estate.