Save our Magnificent Meadows

Today only 2% of the meadows that existed in the 1930s remain. We're taking part in the Save our Magnificent Meadows project which will protect, conserve and restore wildflower meadows and other grasslands of the UK.

It is the UK’s largest partnership project transforming the fortunes of out vanishing wildflower meadows, grasslands and wildlife.

Led by Plantlife, the partnership is made up of 11 organisations, including National Trust in Ceredigion and is primarily funded by the heritage Lottery Fund.

Project Aims

  • Target just under 6000 hectares of wildflower meadows and grasslands across the UK
  • Carry out practical conservation work across nine strategic landscapes in the UK
  • Give people the chance to visit, enjoy and learn about wildflower meadows and grasslands
  • Raise awareness of the desperate plight of our meadows and grasslands and equip communities with the knowledge and skills to reverse this devastating trend

Importance of our meadows

Meadows and other species-rich grasslands are an intrinsic part of the UK’s natural and cultural heritage - rich in landscape character, farming, folklore and history, they are as much a part of our heritage as the works of Shakespeare. 

The UK’s remaining species-rich grasslands now cover a minute fraction of the area they once covered, even relatively recently in the early 20th Century. Today only 2% of the meadows that existed in the 1930’s remain.  Nearly 7.5 million acres of wildflower meadow have been lost so far and they are still being destroyed.  Of those that do survive, around 75% occur in small fragments and remain vulnerable to destruction.

Common blue butterfly
Llanerchaerons species-rich grasslands supports a huge range of wildlife


Wales has over 40% of the UK’s wildflower meadows and grasslands and Ceredigion is ranked among the top areas in significance for these.  Although the farmed landscape of Ceredigion is still made up of traditional small farms and fields, the habitats have not escaped the changes in agricultural practice so common in the story of the decline of species-rich grassland habitats across the UK.

National Trust Wales are the lead Save Our Magnificent Meadows partner in Ceredigion and the 9 project sites are:

  • Mwnt               
  • Ty Hen
  • Penbryn
  • Lochtyn
  • Pen-y-Graig
  • CwnTydu
  • Coybal
  • Rhos Cwmsaeson
  • Llanarchaeron Meadows

All of the Save Our Magnificent Meadows sites in Ceredigion are under threat from a lack of grazing and encroaching scrub - the cliffs are steep and challenging to graze and over time they have been abandoned in favour of more productive land.  These sites are now owned and managed by National Trust Wales who are able to lead the way by fencing and grazing the coastal land and working with their tenants to encourage them improve the nature value of these special sites.

We will be running a range of events throughout the year from ID courses, to stockmanship and habitat management workshops to family activities and Heritage Days.

Llanerchaeron Welsh Blacks in the hay meadow
Llanerchaeron Welsh Blacks graze the hay meadow, Ceredigion Wales