The Geler Jones Collection

One of the many items on display within the Geler Jones collection at Llanerchaeron

Located just off the farm yard, the Geler Jones collection is a treasure trove of early 20th century agricultural and domestic machinery and implements as well as horse drawn carts and carriages, and a magnificent steam engine named ‘Glenys’.

Who was Geler Jones?

In the 1960s, Geler Jones, a local saddler purchased a large garden at the back of his house in Cardigan in which to keep a steam engine. This steam engine was the first piece in what would become a large and sprawling collection of agricultural, industrial and domestic objects which were once commonplace in rural mid Wales. His wife Mair was also a keen collector and responsible for collecting a large number of the domestic items you’ll see in the collection.

In 1972, Geler decided to open his private collection to the public which had by this time acquired a horse drawn carriage with delicate silk interiors, a huge threshing machine, early shearing machinery and a number of early 20th century tractors.

The collection at Llanerchaeron

Bought for the National Trust in 1993 by the National Heritage Memorial Fund, the collection, most of which was manufactured or used in the local Cardigan area, is now housed in a purpose-made building at the bottom end of the estate, just off the farm yard.

It’s open every Wednesday and Friday from 18 March 2020 – do take the opportunity to delve into this fascinating collection.